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Friday, March 22, 2002 :::
So, my next door neighbor and I had a garage sale this morning. Then she drove me to the bank to deposit a check before she drove me to the repair shop to get the van (and write a check for the same amount as I just deposited).

I hurried over to Chuck E. Cheese to meet what was left of my homeschooling support group. I held a sweaty, getting sick 3 yo in my arms while I hurried tired kids to "have fun and eat pizza".

Came home, gave sick 3 yo a bath, sent the others out to play.

Cleaned the house, thought about dinner.

Nursed 3 yo to sleep.

Confirmed closing on second mortgage.

Just sat down. :-)

School? Hah!

::: posted by Joanne at 3:29 PM YACCS

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