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Tuesday, July 30, 2002 :::
Stretching It....

On the way to Chuck E. Cheese, we listened to the skip counting tape listed here. Does that count as our math and bible study? ;)

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School on Tuesdays is cut short. We have our homeschooling support group social outing. It used to be a support group for nursing and alternative mothering - but the kids kept getting older! Some even weaned! ;)

But, we did do this worksheet on George Washington in an effort to finish our study on the US.

BTW, Andrew actually read the entire text of the posted worksheet. He stumbled over a few words (understandable!!) but did great!

Larsen practiced handwriting - she really struggles.

Andrew did Spelling Workout.

I was also going to do math, but everyone, including mom, got too grumpy.

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Monday, July 29, 2002 :::
I lost previous comments when I made the template change. The only current one I can recall was Kellie. I'll answer you in email. :-)

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Telling Time!

We are working on telling time on a "face clock". It's helping our skip counting by 5's. :-) It also made me realize that I don't have a face clock at all at home!

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I'm doing lots of animal stuff with Cameron. Today we were reading an animal book (okay, okay, so it was a BARNEY book). When we got to a page about pigs, I asked Cameron why pigs liked being in mud. His answer? "Because they are pigs". He's brilliant, you know! :-)

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We're BAA-AACK! :-)

I started back to school today, although we've done little things often in between blog entries.

Dolores had given us sunflower starter kits. We "did" those and they are baking in the window now. I'm going to do a unit of plants along with it. We already did the 'ole celery stalk in colored water last week, so we have a start on roots. I have lots of graphics to use (thank you, Grandama K!) but my fax machine isn't copying right now. Arg!

I waited too long in between math lessons and so today was mostly review. Well, it's all review for Andrew! He's ahead of Larsen on the lessons, but still catching up to where he was. I *could* skip ahead, but I want him to have the foundation of this program.

Andrew learned about "statements" today - that they are a kind of sentence. We learned about starting statement sentences with capital letters and ending with a period. Up until now, I've been more concerned with reading and letter formal than some of the more formal stuff. We are using English For the Thoughtful Child. We are on Lesson 2.

I keep trying to find the perfect schedule and rhthym for our school days; but the daycare situation keeps changing. I think I've finally realized that I am going to have to "do school" over the whole day, with long breaks when the daycare babies are needy.

I read Charlotte's Web out loud while the kids sorted and folded their laundry and towels.

Larsen read the Hooked on Phonics book "Tag" and we reviewed "magic e".

Andrew read another chapter of the final chapter book for Hooked on Phonics.

We still have the bible study from Picture This!.

I'd like to finish our America study this week, too.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002 :::
Homeschooling Conference

The homeschooling conference was wonderful. My parents (hi, Mom and Dad) went with us. I must say, publically, that my mom was very generous. This is the second year that she essentially paid for our curriculum.

The keynote speaker was Michael Medved. His (convincing and convicting) talk was on TV and families.

I went to a session on making minit and lap books. We are creating our first for our "USA" lessons inspired by the 4th of July. They can be used for any curriculum, which is way cool.

There was a product that I had thought about all year. It's a drawing based study of the bible. We started this week. We are still doing the "summary" page that gives basic information regarding the purpose of the bible, parts of the OT and NT, etc. It's AWESOME!

I made a huge and unexpected switch to another math curriculum. I was using Singapore Math which has great test scores. I switched to Math-U-See. I knew Larsen needed a different approach and I felt I had hurried Andrew off of manipulatives. I started them on page 1, together. That lasted one week. I have to do them separate now (as it should be, Andrew is 2 years ahead of Larsen). I did notice a new understanding of large numbers and place value in Andrew. He is a bit bored with the addition but we'll be finishing that soon. Larsen, OTOH, *gets* it and is excited by it. So far, it involves less reading and writing. Her writing is still very difficult for her and she's not reading independently yet.

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