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Thursday, November 28, 2002 :::
This counts, right?

DH is home (insert clapping icon here)! We went to Denny's for breakfast and he couldn't resist buying the kids a bucket of those power rings (for the uninitiated, those are a form of plastic building blocks). They are now making The Mayflower out of one. :)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002 :::
Today at school….

Yes, I did school! I’m on a roll now! LOL!

Although, it was quite quick and informal. I gave them a choice between their school disks or table school. Andrew chose his school disk. Larsen and Cameron chose table school.

Andrew had fun with Jump Start 3rd grade. Yes, I know he’s in 2nd grade, but half.com didn’t have any of those when I ordered them! He spent lots of time doing measurements, adding and fractions. His version has a program where you have to make a concoction of something using cups, ½ cups, milliliters, etc. They make it challenging by asking for amounts where adding and subtracting are needed. He made a monster stew with beans and chopped liver and some icky liquid!

Larsen did the letter “g” and matching capital with lower case letters.

Cameron did matching of opposites.

We all did our daily devotional from this book, the Lord’s Prayer, the Doxology and practiced our memorization.

Then, a dear friend came by and took my kids for the day!! She wanted to give me a break (since DH has been away). She homeschools and she did some basic Thanksgiving stuff with the kids. How cool is that? To have a friend who homeschools while watching your kids?

Me? I got my hair cut and got earrings for the new holes in my head. Then I had lunch with our associate pastor who is a dear, godly woman I admire very much.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002 :::
Let me tell you a little about my kids….

Andrew is 7.5. He is all boy in terms of interest and yet has an incredible capacity to nurture, care for and comfort. He’s sensitive and literal. Very literal! A year or so ago, I took him for a speech evaluation. After the speech therapist finished with “his” part of the evaluation, she wanted to talk with me. She asked him if he “wanted to look at some books”. He got a stack, and was done with them 1 minute later. She looked at me quizzically (I’m sure wondering about the whole homeschool thing). She asked “Doesn’t he know how to read?” I answered, “Yes, he does. You didn’t ask him to read. You asked him if he wanted to look at some books”. Andrew likes baseball, legos, The Lord of the Rings. He likes affection, although now that means less hugs and kisses and more wrestling and playful physical interaction. Andrew is awesome with babies and toddlers. His biggest challenges are a propensity towards not thinking he has “enough” and a tone that I’m certain comes from me.

Cameron is almost 4. He is equally at home in pink heels as he is in a Superman cape. He is a constant bundle of energy yet can sit and play on the computer for extended periods of time. He is classic “baby of the family” in that he knows he is cute. Many 4 year olds start to outgrow their cuteness, but Cameron just grows cuter. Thankfully, he is out of the aggressive stage that had me following him around for over a year. He hurt persons his size or smaller, primarily. He is as physical today, but not aggressive. He competes against himself. He is entertaining, engaging, and funny and a lot like his Dad. Lately, he has shown an interest and attention span for some formal academics. This surprised me, as I assumed he’d be one of those “not interested for years” boys.

Larsen. Well, I can’t tell you much. She’s a mystery to all who (don’t) know her. She’ll be six in a couple of weeks. I can tell you she is a girl’s girl. Lace, pink, Barbies, frills, tea parties and a disdain for war play. She likes being read too and cuddling. She is particularly into finding and carrying “things”. They can be rocks, stickers, necklaces from a quarter machine, a bear that Daddy got her on a date. She SQUIRMS constantly, even while sleeping. She’s very maternal and talks in spurts. She goes long periods of time without talking and then suddenly talks, talks, talks. A friend recently watched her for almost a week while I was away house hunting. She was silent the whole time, except for the last day when she talked the whole time. Yet, no one really knows Larsen. She keeps her thoughts and opinions guarded.

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Woohoo! All the kids know the First Great Commandment and the Second Great Commandment. I had them draw pictures today of what it means. Larsen drew a picture of herself being happy and loving for the first commandment. She drew a picture of playing outside with neighbors for the second. Literal little one, huh? Andrew drew a picture of a soul, mind and a heart. He even asked what a soul looked like! Fortunately, (or not) he already knew what a brain looked like! For the second greatest commandment, he drew two people, one handing the other a heart.

Larsen did some ending sounds work. She worked on ordinal numbers 1-10.

Andrew did skip counting. He learned about synonyms. He did alphabetical order, including words that start with the same letter.

Both Andrew and Larsen finished their spelling from yesterday.

Cameron worked on opposites.

Then, we went to see Spy Kids 2 at the bargain theater on the $1.25 day. We met Crystal there and later went to her place to talk while the kids played.

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Monday, November 25, 2002 :::
Today was a great school day!

We started the day with a devotional about having gratitude. We practiced the Lord’s Prayer. Andrew knows it, Larsen knows most of it and Cameron knows parts.

We practiced the our memorization of the Greatest Commandment and today I introduced the Second Greatest. We’ll be spending time this week learning about what they both mean.

We sang “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow", aka The Doxology

For Table Work:
Andrew did a review of addition and subtraction. Larsen did the number 7, both “7” and S-E-V-E-N. Larsen also did patterns. Cameron actually wanted to do something rather than scribble on paper! We worked through a “starting letter sounds” worksheet.

Larsen and Andrew also did about ¾ a lesson in Spelling Workout (A and B).

I found the box I had packed 2 months ago with our current school stuff and found Hooked On Phonics. Larsen and I did a review book and I will be getting back on track with her for teaching reading.

Cameron wanted to learn letter sounds! He read the word "at"!

Andrew and I are reading The Hobbit. It was his choice, inspired by the movie Lord of the Rings (which I found boring but he loved). Andrew reads one page (and does quite well!) and I read 2 pages. We do this twice a day.

I've been reading The Turkey That Ate My Father aloud while the kids sort laundry. I got it at a used bookstore. So, we read another chapter of that.

Then, we went to the part to meet other wonderful homeschooling friends. :)

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Sunday, November 24, 2002 :::
We're back!

After a year of mold, daycare, new job(s) for DH, adjustments, LIFE.....we are back.

Our current challenge is that we are moving. DH has already gone, in fact. He is in Texas where we hope to join him soon. The house is on the market and we will head east as soon as we can.

For those readers who pray, I'd appreciate some time in your prayer time.

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