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Tuesday, December 24, 2002 :::

I gave tests to both Andrew and Larsen. The test came with a Jump Start Typing program I had ordered. It is Jump Start Home Learning Children's Skills Test.

Although I don't believe in the accuracy of IQ tests, both Andrew and Larsen scored over 100.

Andrew's grade equivalent ranges were between grades 2.5 and 4th. His composite grade score was that of a 3rd grader. His highest scores were in reading/vocabularly, math problem solving and spelling. His other scores were in paragraph comprehension, math computation and usage.

Larsen's grade equivalents were all in Kindergarten. She was offered less categories (it's based on age). Her strengths were math and letter/word recognition. Interesting, she was off the charts for sequencing.

It was interesting, and very reassuring. I'll test them again in the beginning of summer.

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Thursday, December 12, 2002 :::
Fast Adding of the same number, anyone?

I went to the Learning Supply Store (I think the name is actually more institutionally geared, but "learning supplies" works for me. Andrew's comprehensive workbook was not so much.....;) I wanted him to begin multiplying. Today, we started. Our skip counting has helped. He made sets of pennies, counted the sets and multiplied!! How cool is that?

Larsen asked for a stack of little books. They are not unlike the "Bob Books". Of course, I sold those online at Vegsouce and Ebay. I got her 12 'cause then we got a free cute pocketbook to hold them.

Cameron is slowly starting to increase his "table time".

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002 :::
Making Some Changes

I'm going to put off classical homeschooling for 2 years.I have a 7.5 yo(2nd grade), a turned 6 today yo (K) and a son who will be 4 in February.

My life has been limbo for *years*, really. DH has had several job changes and periods of unemployment. We had a huge mold issue that rendered a large part of my house basically unusable for 2+ months. I started a daycare. We are now "apart" (have been for 2 months) and won't be together until this house sells.

I've done school in bursts. My son's reading is excellent, his math a bit behind. We've not done science at all. My dd knows her letter sounds and can sound out c-v-c words and knows about "silent e" and that the second vowel in a pair makes the first say its name. But reading hasn't "clicked" with her yet. She doesn't try to read anything other than our short and inconsistent reading sessions. She's so far at grade level for math, but that will slip soon.

Back to the personal stuff, I feel I have done a disservice to my kids in the last couple of years. I *needed* to provide daycare but it was hard on ALL of us. I never could find a rhythm to our school days....

So, here is what I am thinking. I am thinking of taking 2 years to work on reading out loud, math, reading for dd and soon my youngest. I'm thinking of playing games (educational and just for fun). I'd like to join a church in TX and make friends with some shut ins that we visit each week.

I want to do a library day where the kids pick any books they want.

I need to get my oldest in Scouts (for many reasons, not the least of which is making friends) and my dd in 4-H.

I might "do" or "follow" the Core Curriculum (the What Your Child Needs To Know series) loosely.

In 2 years, my youngest will be "K" age and I'd like to start over with the Ancients then.

I'm not asking for permission. I'm a big, intelligent girl. But, experience, wisdom feedback and advice *are* welcome.

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