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Monday, June 30, 2003 :::

Some of you know that I teach discipline classes. One thing that's very important is knowing the temperament of the people in your family as it relates to being an introvert or extrovert. (for more info, see my discipline site).

My DH is an extreme extrovert. I am an extreme introvert. I wasn't sure what my youngest was, but fortunately, he provided a huge clue the other day.

My DH travels for work a lot. He hasn't been home enough to start to develop a support network or a variety of friends. I'm pretty much it. And, being his extreme extroverted self, he *talks*, talks long and talks often. I've learned, over the years, to listen. :) (In reverse, he's learned my lack of words are not a commentary against him).

A week or so ago, DH must have been talking for some time. My 4.5 yo looks at me and while my DH is *still* talking, asks: "Why is Daddy still talking to you?" ;) AHA! My youngest is an introvert! :)

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Oh, What a Glorious Morning!

We started school (again) today. For those who don't know me, I am Joanne. I've homeschooled 3 years. I started with Five in a Row for "K" for my oldest. The last 2 years has been an eclectic classical mix.

Today, though, I started Sonlight Core 1 with my 8 yo, 6.5 yo and 4.5 yo. :) We are also doing SL Science, LA and Singapore Math.

I also rolled out a new MOTH inspired schedule today, complete with an updated and expanded chore regimen.

We had a wonderful day! I forgot to do math with my dd (she's behind in reading/LA so I concentrated on that).

My oldest is especially excited that we will be covering Science 4 days a week. Up until now, it was my least consistent subject.

I should have known they would (we did a lot of narration the last 2 years) but my kids really *did* get a lot out of the 2 pages we read and discussed of People of the World.

We are doing the 4 day (except for Bible). Tuesday I have a morning Bible study, so we won't be doing much school tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Wednesday!

Oh, and THANKS MOM and DAD for your generous part in our new approach. :)

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Sunday, June 29, 2003 :::

As many of you know, I've spent the last week organizing, planning and getting ready for the routine, schedule and curriculum change our home is about to enjoy.

Tonight, Mike looked at the schedule, we discussed the newand improved chore routine. I tucked my dear husband in bed (he has to leave at 4:00 am) and I'm getting the house ready. It's a perfect week to make the change. I was going to start with using Sonlight LA only and add the history and science next week. But, I prayerfully reconsidered. We are starting everything tomorrow.

My sister (::::::::::waving to Aunt Gail::::::::::::::) comes later this week. She'll be helping us with school on Friday. I think maybe a quick "4th of July" lesson is in order.

We gave Mike a grill for Father's Day. We had to leave our grill in AZ when we moved. He'll be breaking in the new one next weekend.

My dear husband took the kids out to a nearby fireworks trailer. In Texas, they have them literally on every corner and sometimes in between. I'm not fond of fireworks (at least do-it-yourself kind). But, the look in the eyes of my husband and children is priceless.

I'm just a pyrotechnic-phobe, I guess.

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Saturday, June 28, 2003 :::

I have posted a new article on my other blog. It's related to homeschooling issues.

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Friday, June 27, 2003 :::

Just wanted to get the hits to go up. ;)

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Thursday, June 26, 2003 :::
But, What About College?

Here's an article to print and hand out to nay-sayers.

Teaser quote:

"The report also noted that the most common reason for homeschooling was the parents’ belief that they could give their children a better education at home, either for religious reasons or because of a poor learning environment at school. "


"“There’s usually a laundry list of concerns that I’ve seen in the media,” says Stevens, “but in my research, I’ve seen no evidence that homeschooling disadvantages students academically or developmentally.” In his interviews with hundreds of homeschoolers, Stevens—who maintains he is not necessarily a homeschooling advocate—said he’s found they are active in their local communities and more likely to be politically involved and to participate in extracurricular activities such as music and sports. "

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 :::

Okay, you unschoolers, I don't know how you do it. After a few weeks of no curriculum, we have bad attitudes, poor chore execution, lack of focus, and whining. The kids aren't doing too great, either. ;)

VBS is almost over. We start school on a modified schedule Monday. We'll do Bible, Math, Language Arts. The next week (after dear Aunt Gail leaves), we'll add History and Science.

Yesterday, I did our schedule (I have the Managers of Their Homes book for sale now, btw). Today, I planned and organized our Sonlight and Singapore books.

Tomorrow, I update our homemaking routine. Specifically, I need to organize chores so that the kids are productive and *away* from each other. My oldest is a bit too concerned about what his siblings are doing. And my "baby" is a bit too comfortable in his role. He's capable of much more than he is doing.

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Old Made New

Daryl, of HS and Other Stuff has added me to the wonderful list of links. Thank you for the inclusion and compliment! The least I could do is update my link to your new URL. ;)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 :::
Schedule so far

I like reading about real life homeschooling schedules. I'm using this week to organize and plan ours. Here is what I've come up with so far:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mom Andrew Larsen Cameron
6:00 exercise
6:30 shower
7:00 breakfast
7:30 Prayer chores chores chores
8:00 Bible w/kids bible bible bible
8:30 Lang. Arts LA LA LA

9:30 Math Math Math Math

10:30 History Hist. Hist. Hist.
11:00 Science Sci. Sci. Sci.
11:30 Read Aloud RA RA RA
12:00 Lunch lunch lunch lunch

1:00 Read aloud RA RA RA
1:30 Speech speech speech computer
2:00 planning free free free
2:30 Clean up c/u c/u c/u
3:00 Bible study quiet quiet quiet
3:30 free or pool

7:00 dinner
7:30 start putting kids to bed

Monday is basically the same, only we leave to go to a meeting at 10:15. The kids will do some independent work there. After coming home and eating lunch, we will do history, science and read aloud.

Tuesday, I have a women’s bible study at church. We will do bible together, and the kids will do some independent work at the childcare. That’s were I may use some of the “5 day” resources from Sonlight (since I am using the 4 day schedule, but have the 5 day books).

I plan on grocery shopping Tuesday after Bible study and also Friday afternoon (at different stores, to take advantage of sales).

Next on the planning agenda this week is a chore system and planning our actual curriculum. :)

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Monday, June 16, 2003 :::
The Socialization Question

Here is a cut and paste of something I wrote in response to the socialization question.

Anyway, articles abound on socialization. :)

Here are some things to think about. Using the school as a socialization vehicle isn't proven to be a good, or best tool for socialization. It's simply the most common.

What are your concerns and needs regarding socialization? What do you think children need to do and learn? How are those things best taught or facilitated? In an institutional setting, or elsewhere?

I'll grant that public schools, and to a lesser extent, private schools offer a particular kind of socialization that can't be replicated in a home setting. Even a home setting that involves many activities. However, I've determined that the socialization in schools doesn't match my goals for my family.

Additionally, I want my children's early years of socialization managed by and filtered through *me*. I make no apologies for that. I trust *me* to know when to step in, when to back off, when to teach, when to let natural consequences teach.

I could go on about how I specifically despise the social setting that develops in schools. I could wax eloquent on peer dependency, age and gender segregation, popularity and other things. I could mention that the "pack" behaviors that develop in response to institutional learning environments are accepted as normal, acceptable and even desirable. But, there are plenty of articles that will go on and on about it. :)

Institutional socialization fails to address the individual. I've come to understand myself as an introvert, in the extreme. The school setting fails me in that respect. Teams, groups, forced and frequent and prolonged interaction drains me and kills my spirit, including my fire for learning. Extroverts also face challenges in school settings. They can't interact at will and prolonged periods of not being able to *fill* themselves leaves them at a less than optimal situation to learn.

"What about socialization" is both *the* question and not really the issue at all. I homeschool *because* of the socialization. My social goals for my children are that they learn to develop deep, lasting friendships, they learn to function in groups to the extent of their personality, that they learn to function in isolation to the extent of their personality, that they learn to enjoy, manage conflict, play, learn and grow. I can (and do) provide all of that through the base of home.

Pub ed propaganda has sold you a bill of goods that socialization is only complete when it's through their system. While I agree that many (most, even) children grow into fine adults having been through the system, I don't agree that it's the system that ensured their competency.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 :::
Where To Find Me

I've been working on this for a group of 12 four year olds. :)

That's what we are doing at our church. That's next week. The week after, I am sending my kids to another VBS and taking that week to recover, plan, clean and organize.

My sister is coming to visit the July 4th weekend. After that, we will start our Sonlight Curriculum. :)

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Monday, June 02, 2003 :::

If you are familiar with Boy Scouts, Vaccinations, Texas and day camps, can you email me at: gowimome@aol.com?

I'm going to be a bit peeved if exercising our right of medical choice prevents my son from going to day camp with the Boy Scouts.

Edited to add: I've just heard that Texas is particularly difficult on this issue.

::: posted by Joanne at 11:36 AM YACCS

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